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WhatsApp's emotional connection

Updated: Mar 14, 2021






BBDO India

I came across this ad on television a few days back while having lunch with my family. My sister innocently questioned me, why does WhatsApp need to advertise?

Everyone uses it already!

This question motivated me to write on this campaign, because unlike what most of us believe, every ad campaign is not focused on sales, but rather has a deeper meaning attached.

Let’s look at the ad first

Advertising Background:

The ad was released during the much needed social distancing phase and I believe that played a major role in creating that right connect with the audience.

Whatsapp is used by over 400 million Indians and forms a crucial part of your everyday communication.

When you can't step out of the house to meet your friends, you still have WhatsApp groups to keep you connected.

The brand leveraged on this insight and highlighted the same through the ad.

Advertising Objective:

The objective of the ad was to highlight various features of the app, right from using it as text message alternative, to recording videos, to clicking photos, and connecting on video calls. Combining all of this with an emotional touch, to create brand love.

Advertising Execution:

The ‘Caregiver’ ad is actually based on a true story, where an elderly woman sends regular updates to her nurse.

The ad ensures to include very minor elements that the woman wishes to share, like making her bed after waking up or sharing pictures of her drawings,etc.

But the whole point of including these, was that these same elements formed a crucial part of her day to day schedule, even when the nurse was physically present in the house. Throughout the 60 sec duration, there is this very soft music/song played in the background which adds to the emotional quotient of the ad

Advertising Learnings:

I really loved this ad.

Its executed so well, from multiple angles.

First, they chose to communicate by striking an emotional chord, which is so important. It’s one of the main reasons that set this communication apart from the rest.

Second, they did not let the emotional part overpower the features.

It had the right blend of both showcasing the features and their daily usage as well as communicating the message in a tone that would build up emotions.

There is also a deeper meaning behind this ad, and while I didn’t find anything specific in regards to it online, I still wish to talk about it.

Lets pause and think why did this woman decide to share her day to day activities with her nurse instead of her own children?

Two possible answers can emerge from this- either she doesn’t have any children, or the most common answer, she might not be getting the much needed time from her children.

I believe the ad is also emphasizing on an important element, that the woman receives the love from a caregiver, more than her own children.

While this is my opinion or my way of looking at it, I believe the fact it’s a nurse she communicates with, instead of her own children adds to the emotional level.

Lovely to see a brand creating a ‘feel-good’ ad campaign by weaving the features of the app.

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