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Udaan Pankaj Tripathi Ad campaigns: Ease of doing business for Retail Scenario

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

If reading a 4min blog is too much to ask for, I have an alternative for you!

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With the fame that Pankaj Tripathi has earned through his awesome work, it's only logical for a brand like Udaan to expect similar recognition by using him as a brand ambassador.

When I first came across the recent commercial, more than looking at it from a creative perspective, it made me think about what the app offers.

Of course, I am not their target audience- but even as someone who is interested in knowing about the offering of the app, am intrigued to know more.

Let’s analyze their ad campaigns from the strategy to execution, the TME way!

Watch the YouTube video

What is Udaan?

Udaan is a B2B marketplace mobile app that focuses on getting retailers, wholesalers, traders, and manufacturers on the same platform, thereby providing, the much-needed, ‘ease of doing business’.

Udaan operates in the space of FMCG, electronics, apparel, and much more and currently has tie-ups with over 150,000 sellers all over India.

Started by a group of ex-Flipkart employees, Udaan is now the fastest growing unicorn in India by achieving funding of $225 million from its current investors in a matter of just 26 months!

The entire thought process is to make the typical distribution model a lot easier and streamlined.

And, given the digital part- it’s bound to make the process more transparent and faster.

The best part is, Udaan app also promotes online payments thereby pushing the ‘Digital India’ agenda further.

Additionally, it’s also providing logistics support online, what else can one ask for?

Advertising Background:

Udaan roped in Pankaj Tripathi last year itself by introducing a simple ad commercial that highlighted the benefits of the app to shopkeepers.

From then till the recent ad campaign, their style of communication has been fairly simple- highlighting the benefits of the app and also addressing the possible problems that might arise in the minds of the shopkeepers.

Now Pankaj Tripathi is not a newbie, but his appeal is just perfect for this brand.

His ‘off-beat status’ makes him the perfect match for some specific brands and the same advantage is used well by him.

Advertising Objective:

The advertising objective is fairly easy to understand through their communication, and that itself speaks volumes about how well-crafted these campaigns are.

Think about it, you are directly talking to Kirana shop owners, or saree shop owners, can you add multiple layers of creativity?

Definitely no, the more authentic the communication seems, the better you can expect the outcome to be.

So throughout their campaigns, Udaan has ensured to include all of those points that a retailer might contemplate about before switching to ‘Udaan’s way’ of doing business.

Advertising Strategy:

The advertising strategy had to a well-thought-of one.

And one of the major reason behind the same is the fact that retailers and wholesalers, for years are using the typical distribution model.

So the task for Udaan is to switch the deeply engrained habit into something quite different.

It definitely isn’t an easy task.

The communication clearly portrays the amount of research that has gone in to highlight those 4-5 top issues that might arise in the minds of the retailers.

Like, Credit, returns, quality, etc.

And the strategy is to just highlight this most simplistically for everyone to understand and relate to.

Advertising Execution:

Well, the execution in my opinion is simply flawless.

There you have Pankaj Tripathi assuring you that Udaan’s usage is safe and secure.

All the ad campaigns, right from the start are beautifully highlighting FOMO, which works just perfectly for these set of businesses.

Let’s start with the tagline- “Kholo Munafe ka Shutter”, this is just so apt given that the most important factor for these retailers is the ‘munafa’ that they earn.

The simple product window, of the app opening the shutter is connecting very well with the tagline.

Now let’s look at the very first communication by Udaan

Simple execution of two ladies not opting for a regular shop, but rather is more interested in visiting a shop that has much more to offer under ‘the udaan collection’.

Pankaj Tripathi explaining the app usage and benefits, and my favorite line being ‘Harr Online Cheez Haanikarak Nahi Hoti’.

What the brand is doing here, is that they are instilling a level of trust in the minds of their target audience.

Next, let’s look at the brand adding a little more creativity in highlighting their offerings.

Adding the Qawali format to talk about the most important things namely, 15 lakh retailers already using the app, smart returns if there is a problem in the product, accepting small orders as well, all over India delivery and lastly providing an option for credit.

They tried blending creativity with their usual style of communication and I feel it worked really well.

The best part is ‘Chamanlal Mobile Shop’- that was hilarious!

And lastly, let’s look at the newest addition of targeting the FMCG Kirana stores

A similar line of communication but catering to the Kirana shop owners, they had something for mobile shop owners as well.

Advertising Results & Learnings:

Let’s look at the TME Ratings!

Relevance – 9/10

Creativity- 8/10

Strategy- 9/10

TG Focus- 10/10

Impact- 8/10

Overall Rating: 8.8

The TG focus is just apt so I just couldn’t deduct any marks for the same.

Here are my top 3 learnings from the campaign:

1. The perfect Brand Ambassador, goes a long way for your brand!

The love that Pankaj Tripathi has earned thanks to his OTT performance is the reason why these ads establish such a strong connection.

It’s actually interesting to study the entire thought process that brands go through to pick that perfect brand ambassador.

And in this case, the fit is so strong, that If I were to think of any other ambassador in place of Pankaj Tripathi, I simply cannot think of one.

Can you? Let me know in the comments below!

2. Thorough market research acts as the building block for your communication success

The premise of this ad campaign lies in highlighting the points of concern, that the brand would’ve found out about through in-depth market research.

Understanding what the retailers like and more so understanding their worry, is the reason behind why this communication sells.

3. To the point communication sells better than multiple layers of creativity.

I have highlighted similar learning when we analyzed the Cred campaigns.

Udaan’s brand communication is simple and to the point, and that makes a lot of sense given that the target audience demands exactly the same.


Udaan’s advertising campaign gives us a perfect understanding of how a strong communication objective can lead to better results!


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