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Titan’s Initiative- #LetsGetIndiaTicking

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Titan Lets get India ticking




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When I first came across this spot, I literally had Goosebumps listening to the iconic Titan tune.

A tune we have associated with the brand for many generations.

A tune that sets your heart racing, bringing back all the memories from commercials back in the day.

And through this spot as well, the company tries to strike that emotional chord of getting out of the pandemic and helping the economy.

Have a look at the video here

Economic Scenario-

The Corona virus pandemic has disrupted the economy and how.

Today consumers are worried about daily purchases, and are looking out for ways to save up on money as and when possible.

But it’s important to note the overall damage that this is causing to the economy.

I remember towards the end of the first month of the lock down itself, a lot of small businesses shut down their operations.

Right from cafes, to industrial companies, faced a tough time keeping up with the financial pressures.

Titan looked at highlighting this same issue, where they thought it’s time for India’s economy to open up.

Story Behind Titan’s iconic tune-

It was Titan’s founding director, the late Xerxes Desai, who worked with Ogilvy & Mather to create the iconic tune back in the day.

The tune is an amazingly well mix of classical and jazz.

The first ever commercial used the tune with a series of watches being displayed.

From then, to this spot the iconic tune still has a very well established brand and consumer connect.

No wonder the brand currently holds over 60% of the market share in the watches segment.

Advertising Objective-

Many of the economists have put forth the need to revive the demand side of the economy.

So the entire objective centered around making the consumers connect to this greater cause.

How can consumers help with their bit to revive the economy?

Also another point to note, is the fact that Titan operates in the non-essential segment.

Of course a watch is not a priority right now, in these tough times.

But, Titan is still a feel good brand.

So it was important for them to stay in the league and focus on still being relevant to the audience.

This was a way to keep the brand alive in consumer’s minds.

Advertising Execution-

I feel short of words to talk about how amazingly well executed this campaign is.

Having worked in the advertising field, I am well aware of what makes a advertising spot, this good.

Right from the casting, the opening scene connect, the mesmerizing blend of the tune with various transactional sounds, it’s just perfect.

Even if I could try and concentrate to look out for a flaw, it wouldn’t be possible.

Well, I also have some bias given that it’s my favorite agency! The work has to be amazing.

But this is some really brilliant advertising irrespective.

They also targeted the fact, that thanks to the lock down, we are currently unable to celebrate birthdays.

It’s these small nuances that eventually create a better audience connect.

Advertising Learnings-

Here are my top 3 learnings from this campaign

1. Stand out from the crowd

Currently, it’s a race that can be seen concerning brands.

Everyone wants to motivate consumers in their own way to get out of the pandemic zone.

We have seen how Colgate decided to highlight a mask free future, here

But while most brands focused on things like safety.

Titan made the cut by putting across a part that wasn’t spoken about yet, which helped them stand out from the clutter.

2. Don’t let go off the elements, that are special to your brand

Even if the brand wanted to talk about reviving the economy, they could’ve done this in many ways.

But they decided to stick to the iconic tune connect.

This makes a lot of sense, because even in your consumer’s mind, this has a brilliant connect, and if you can leverage on the same, why wouldn't you?

3. Desire plays a great role in audience connect

We must understand the need for this communication, it was crucial to create a desire back in the mind of the consumers.

And the urgency was needed, before consumers got used to living with lesser things.

That same desire, was very well incorporated here and created a much bigger impact.

All in all, the communication breaks the stereotype of ‘safety’ being communicated by various brands. So let’s truly get India ticking!

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