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MTV's Teacher's Day Campaign

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

We celebrated Teachers' day last Saturday.

A day that was so very important during our school days.

A walk down the memory lane, I remember students fighting for the first spot to wish their teachers.

Back in the day, the perfect gift would be a rose and a gift card, thanking the teacher for her consistent effort.

But is it a day to be celebrated only when you are in school?

Definitely not, because what you learn during those 10 years of your life, you follow your entire life.

Today, however, the day has lost its relevance for the youth.

And hence, MTV decided to come up with a brilliant campaign that helps highlight this day with a direct connection to the youth.

Watch the video below-

MTV the Youth Brand-

The first thing that pops up in my mind when I hear MTV, is the evergreen Roadies era.

But did you know MTV was not always a youth-oriented brand?

That was a gradual shift that helped the brand tremendously.

MTV initially started off as a music channel, of course keeping in mind the Indian audience needs, the music was divided as 70% Indian and 30% international.

However, over a period of time, they released through conducting multiple types of research that the youth looked out for so much more than just music.

And hence the shift towards being ‘the biggest youth brand’ came through.

Over the years, they have leveraged this position in multiple ways.

One of the noteworthy campaigns that they came up with was back in April 2019.

A campaign called #VoteBecauseYouCan

The campaign was brilliantly conceptualized because it highlighted the importance of youth support in the recent elections.

So what I am trying to establish here is that MTV is a brand that believes, it plays a major role in influencing the youth.

And they ensure they do it in the right way.

Advertising background-

There are a lot of brands that try highlighting the importance of celebrating teacher’s day.

But these are mainly focused on kids, maybe some kids brand, or stationery brands.

And no surprise there, because as I mentioned earlier, teachers’ day is celebrated with much love and enthusiasm only during school days.

But it’s about time, that this concept changes.

Advertising Objective-

This is not the first time that we have seen brands connecting with a greater cause of Covid-19.

I have included two campaigns in regards to the same, The Colgate re-marriage ad and the Titan initiative.

So before we get to the objective of the campaign, I would want to set a background for the current situation and why according to me this campaign was a perfect fit.

I am talking about my personal experience here.

Quite often these days, my parents receive these WhatsApp forwards talking about ways to build your immunity during these hard times.

And trust me, they ensure we follow these tips at home.

Be it the kaadha or the ground pepper and honey mix.

We have added vitamin C tablets to our daily routine!

Though these additions to your lifestyle may not have any negative impact, but do they actually help fight the virus?

Definitely not!

We go around spreading misleading information even after being educated individuals.

This was the precise objective that MTV aimed at highlighting in this campaign.

Advertising Execution-

Now while the objective was pretty clear, as I have always mentioned, the execution plays a major role.

The connection had to be established between the misdemeanors of the youth and the impact it creates on the teachers.

A simple thought of your “not so well thought of” comments creates a great impact on your teacher, who taught you otherwise.

The overall execution was hilarious, small snippets from totally relatable instances in the past few months added a great touch to the entire communication.

It’s these relatable instances that make all the difference in deciding the fate of the campaign.

Another point to mention here would be the reaction of the teacher in the spot!

The expressions were just too good, clearly portraying the irritation.

Right from the ‘Go Corona Go song’ to ‘Khichdi being the best dish’ the spot covered everything that shaped the definition of misleading information during Corona times.

Advertising Learnings-

Here are my top 3 learnings from this campaign

1. Humor can also help educate

More often than not we see fear, or emotional content being used to push a deeper meaning message.

As they say, when something hits you hard, you are more likely to react.

But in fact, here we see humor being used and in my opinion, I think it does a pretty well job.

2. Utilize your niche potential to the fullest

Your niche holds a lot of importance.

When I say this, I am referring to your importance in the mind of consumers, specific to your category.

If you hold a position of responsibility, you can totally influence your target group to the fullest.

In the case of MTV, they decided to take the front seat and educate their target group about how irrational news spreading affects all of us.

3. Ensure you make use of the current situation to strengthen brand love

The concept of brand love is still something quite new to a lot of people

But it’s so very important

The case in point is MTV

Why does MTV need to advertise at all?

The viewership is quite high already, but they do this in order to ensure brand love.

Through this teacher’s day communication as well what they have created is a space in the heart of the consumers.

MTV is a brand that cares for the greater good, that’s the one thing that they would want their consumers to take away from this communication.

All in all, this communication has managed to stir the audience in a perfect manner.

This is with respect to correctly tackling the link between an occasion like teachers’ day and then creating a correlation with respect to Covid-19.

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