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80 Minute MBA book summary: Top 10 lessons

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

When the thought of an MBA crossed my mind, I had multiple things to consider, most importantly, is it even worth it?

All of us have come across those motivational images that talk about great businessmen being dropouts from colleges, and most of us must’ve thought an MBA then may seem useless.

These common thoughts are constant across, but one of the most important things to consider in fact is what do you learn and not learn when pursuing your MBA.

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When I came across the book 80 minute MBA, more than reading the book, I was more inclined towards finding those nuances that they have highlighted, which are not taught at a B-school.

I had to give this book a read, and boy! Did I enjoy every bit of it!

Almost every 3rd page in the book gives you an Aha! Moment, when you feel like yes this is precisely what we should know.

This book made even more sense to me, with my start-up The Marketing Empress, had I been taught certain rules or ways of conducting business in my b-school as explicitly as mentioned in the book, things would’ve been a lot better.

Nonetheless, this book is for all those who are pursuing their MBA with the hope to start their venture in the future.

If you are just interested in knowing these top 10 things that may not be taught to you in a B-school, then keep on reading!

The book contains many more points, and as I always mention, it's great to give the book a read, instead of just reading the summary, but this blog post can still act as a starting point!

P.S. I have intentionally chosen the top 10 learnings that are generic or related to marketing!

Let’s look at the top 10 things mentioned in the book, that is not taught to you at a business school

80 minute MBA book summary

This one is my favorite from the lot.

And I have multiple reasons for the same, in a b-school more often than not, you become a part of this rat race where you want to be better than everyone else.

You participate in multiple competitions; you do multiple online courses to get better at everything.

But what we need to realize over a while, is that it’s not always about being better at everything, its more to do with being better at something.

And when you realize this, you are sure to succeed, because then you are doing all that you are good at, and hiring someone else for their unique expertise!

80 minute MBA book summary

There is this constant cribbing in colleges about placements, or general opportunities being provided!

The assignments keep you occupied and more often than not you are more inclined to crib about the ‘opportunities’ being provided to you.

I am a firm believer in the fact, that each one of us gets 24 hours in a day, how we utilize the same, is totally dependent on you.

Similarly, instead of cribbing about what you get, think about what you can build instead!

80 minute MBA book summary

Ah, this has to be the toughest one to implement.

The best example can be that of group projects or assignments where you need to fight for a chance to make a lasting impression on your professor.

But in the process, you may not always put your best foot forward.

It doesn’t matter who gets the credit for the work, as long as you put your best into it!

80 minute MBA book summary

And it’s crucial to understand that you focus most of your energy on the ‘radiators’.

They are the ones who will help motivate you to achieve a lot more than you think you can.

80 minute MBA book summary

The shift to digital marketing over mainline was a long time pending.

And though this book is a little dated, this learning is more true now than ever before.

After the pandemic, the way to do business is more inclined towards the digital medium, and rightly so.

Digital allows you to be a lot more flexible, and also helps in getting the much-desired results.

So if your b-school is still focussed on teaching you about a 30-sec ad spot, it's about time you teach yourself your reality.

80 minute MBA book summary

This one is interesting learning, and because of the online shopping boom experienced recently.

Today, the customer even demands variety but operating in the space that already comprises of so many players, might be difficult.

Instead selling many of the ‘hard to find’ category products works brilliantly well!

80 minute MBA book summary

If you plan on starting your own business after your MBA, note this point somewhere in bold.

People matter the most, they make what your company stands for now, and even in the future.

You may be able to replace and work around the tangible assets but if your intangible assets back-fire, there may be no looking back

80 minute MBA book summary

This may not sound like ‘news’ to most of us marketing geeks.

But it's noteworthy, that in our MBA classes, we are introduced to multiple definitions of marketing.

The crux though is only centered around the learning mentioned and nothing else.

80 minute MBA book summary

And this can be considered a negative or a positive, that depends.

We know that in some situations, especially around complaints, we hope for the consumer to be passive, well no one likes negative feedback.

But the concept of a ‘passive consumer’ has disappeared long back, and this has been possible thanks to online mediums like Twitter where a one on one conversation is so much easier.

80 minute MBA book summary

Not just this, but some brands heavily rely on customers to distribute and sell.

A brand like Tupperware or Oriflame, or even Meesho, all operate on this learning!

A consumer can help you design your product the way it sells the best!


MBA today is pursued as a must-have degree, and while the degree might help you with getting the right job and opportunity, it’s even more important to analyze the learnings that you get through the course!

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